Modheshwari Engineering & Fabrications manufacture and supplies a wide range of complex Double Girder Overhead Crane and including Double Girder Bridge cranes. Frequently used in overhead bridge cranes offers reliable efficiency and stability for managing loads or various capacities in loads of various capacities capable of lifting extremely heavy loads and industrial environments

Double Girder Bridge cranes find application when greater capacities are requested and with high operational requirements. These cranes offer higher lifting heights. It is used where heavy service required, or where the crane needs to be fitted with cabs, walkways, crane lights, magnet cable reels or other equipment. With double girder bridge cranes, there are two bridges, beam or profiled ones coupling with travelling motorized carriages. Like the single girder overhead cranes, there is an end truck on both sides of the bridge. The lifting heavy crane equipment consists in which or hoist in accordance to the requirements which runs on beams allowing horizontal movements

 Benefits of Double Girder Bridge Cranes

  • Extra Hook height
  • High performance
  • Greater maximum capacity and span
  • Require low maintenance
  • Ideal for frequent heavy loads and lifting heavy equipment
  • Function smoothly without any hassles for a longer period of time
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