In the lifting equipment industry, we “Modheshwari Engineering” are the best leading Double Overhead Cranes manufacturer and supplier in India. The Double Overhead crane is one of the most common types of Electric overhead crane used or called Double Bridge crane. These double girder top running overhead crane is a very heavy duty crane, normally used by larger manufactures and steel warehouses. These cranes are an excellent choice where high speeds and heavy service are required.

The Double Overhead crane is operated electrically; generally there is an operator cabin or a control pendant along with the E.O.T Crane. These cranes are commonly used in the refinement of steel and other metals such as aluminum and copper. The automobile industry uses Double Overhead Cranes to handle raw materials. Almost all paper mills, plastic moulding industry, Sugar mills, Power Plants, Fabrication Unit are used Overhead cranes. Use Double Overhead Crane for regular maintenance and general usage needing movement of material and heavy equipment

Features of Double Overhead Crane

  • Loads can be distributed easily with the increase in the number of wheels.
  • Higher Hook lift
  • Varied lifting capacities available
  • Cost effective facility
  • Excellent function performance
  • Longer service Life
Single Girder Overhead Crane supplier in Kolkata, India

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