Single Girder EOT Cranes by “Modheshwari Engineering” are highly effective to handle a load ranging up to 40 tons. We are one of the top largest single Girder Overhead Crane manufacture in India that manufactures and supplies high quality EOT cranes.

We design effortless to operate, and manufacturer higher efficiency single Girder EOT crane in power saving. Our EOT cranes are safe and secure, easy to maintain and your budget rates. We used standard accessories as per requirement of each single Girder EOT crane. It is one of the most cost effective crane equipment for the medium and heavy loads. These cranes offer the greatest flexibility in the coverage area and the movement control. Single Girder EOT cranes are generally used in warehouse and production unit where space may be a constraint. These overhead slung cranes can be fitted across different floor areas, according to need of productivity.

We single girder EOT Cranes offer the following benefits:

  • Maximum load on crane runway and building structure
  • Maximum hooks approach
  • Great mobility and transportation capabilities to promise safe handling
  • Cost efficient operations owing to optional space utilization
  • High stability and very low dead weight
  • Low load on the crane runway and the building structure
Single Overhead Cranes manufacturers

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