The “Modheshwari Engineering” Single girder overhead travelling crane is our flexible crane for almost any application. It provides economical, lightweight and reliable solutions for transportation and stacking. Single Overhead travelling cranes are adapted for a wide range of daily usage in workshops and plants to ease material flow.

Single Overhead travelling cranes are the type of cranes mostly used in industrial halls. Its functionality provides the user with high simplicity and comfort of use of the machine as well as stable and solid construction made of high quality steel. Our single Girder overhead travelling cranes are built either with welded box section and rolled sections depending on the span and load. Girders are made on an automatic welding bench in our plant. This allows the optional use of existing space

Single Girder Overhead Travelling Crane Benefits

  • High Performance
  • The wheel loads on the building construction is less.
  • It is fully in compliance with the business safety norms
  • Low maintenance, low noise direct drive with disc brake
  • Single Girder Overhead travelling crane has less weight than the double girder cranes
  • Flexible, adaptable through different installation variants
Single Overhead Cranes manufacturers

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