Flame proof hoists are basically designed such they prevent potential disasters from occurring. Many industries work with materials that can explode if they accidentally strike the right combination of air and gas mix. These kinds of explosions can prove fatal and even cause serious injuries to the workers working on the plant. Thus it is advisable to use such flame proof hoist, Cranes, and goods lift in such situations and reduce or prevent any accidents from occurring.

We supply such flame proof hoists that are specially designed and manufactured to reduce the cases of disasters, explosions, sparking, etc. As far as quality is concerned we believe our manufacturing plants have set a new standard in the manufacturing of material handling equipment by providing highly reliable and good quality products. This is more of a necessity than luxury when it comes to making equipment that can potentially place people’s lives at risk. Besides we strive to keep the costs low and pass that on to our customers as well.

Flame Proof Hoists manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India

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